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Thai Way Spa

Welcome to Thai Way Spa, a massage center created from the very best that the thai massage traditions have to offer.

Thai Way Spa emerged with the principal goal of providing therapeutic and relaxing moments to those in need, through the knowledge of Thai medicinal culture.

In this way, our therapists were born and grew up in Thailand and come from the best internationally certified massage schools.

In Thailand massages are believed as a therapy and part of the daily routine, thai culture supports that massages should be performed between 3 to 4 times a week to promote physical and emotional well-being, focusing mainly on the principal energy points of the body in order to release all the accumulated energy, rebalancing the organism.


Thai Massage offers multiple benefits, such as:

Detoxifies the body and boosts the immune system ‹
Increases blood circulation and lowers blood pressure ‹
Enables muscle relaxation, improving flexibility and mobility ‹
Improves breathing ‹
Improves posture and habilitates body alignment ‹
Alleviates arthritis and back pain ‹
Tones the body and reinforces the joints ‹

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